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We offer unique land and sea history tours of St. Augustine, Florida. Our tours are led by knowledgeable and experienced guides. Our tours are designed to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for our guests. We strive to provide our guests with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the history and beauty of St Augustine.


Meet our guides

Luis and Anes

Luis and Anes

St. Augustine Land and Sea Tours was created by husband and wife team Anes and Luis of city of St. Augustine with certified tour guides in order to offer a more complete visit to the Oldest City to both English and Spanish speakers.

Anes and Luis have ample experience in tourism having owned and operated several similar businesses in their native Puerto Rico before moving to St Augustine with their children during the summer of 2016 and immediately fell in love with St Augustine’s history and feel with the Spanish architecture, narrow streets, Spanish fort and similar historic past.

They created St Augustine Land and Sea Tours in order to service both English and Spanish speakers by combining land tours and water tours for a complete experience on the Old City.

They currently offer a variety of tours both privately for small groups and families and shared that anyone can join.

All these tours activities take place mostly outdoors or in places where social distancing can be maintained so folks can fell at ease during these challenging times.

Chance Parker

Chance Parker

Originally from Texas, Chance’s background is wine and fine dining. A certified sommelier, he moved to the Sunshine State to open what has come to be a successful tasting room on world famous Duval Street in Key West. After completing his degree in English Education from Florida Atlantic University, he made his way to the Oldest City, where he has conducted a variety of different tours, including educational, food & wine, civil rights and large bus tour groups.

Wendy Larson

Wendy Larson

I have always lived a very active lifestyle and enjoy traveling. I started visiting St. Augustine over a decade ago. Then my 2 children decided to attend university in Florida. Now, I call St. Augustine my home. St. Augustine and the people continue to amaze and connect me to the great world, called humanity. It brings me great pleasure to share those wonders and history with others. I am looking forward to joining the next group of guests, as I venture through our town St. Augustine!

St. Augustine Land and Sea Tours is Committed to Your Health and Safety

What we are doing to keep you and our community safe:

1. Limiting the size of groups to 8 participants per guide.
2. Avoid crowded spaces during your tour.
3. Utilize the boat opened upper deck.
4. Boat equipped with bathrooms to wash hands.
5. Tour guides are instructed to maintain a safe distance from participants.

Why choose us?

Skip The Walking Tour And Ride With Us Instead

The rich history of the area deserves to be told by an experienced guide on St Augustine tours. Rather than invest in other forms of entertainment while visiting St Augustine, choose a time to tour the nation's oldest city with our knowledgeable guides. Our ghost tour, in particular, does not disappoint!

People worldwide choose us because our tours are three things. They are:


A tour of Saint Augustine is personal. It allows you to take in all the sights by a golf cart instead of exhausting yourself by walking or missing important sights by driving. Have fun searching for dolphins on a boat tour or sampling local cuisine on a food tour. Tours are the perfect addition to any trip for children, adults, couples, and families seeking to view the historic district in a new and incredible way. Create memories and have something fun to share with others at home upon returning from your adventure.


Ghost tours are nothing less than spooktacular! Spine-tingling destinations await you and your party as you traverse through the city learning about spirits from the past. Considering the age of St Augustine Florida, it’s fair to say that it’s been the final resting place for many people throughout history. Hold onto your seats because there are sure to be a few hair-raising moments in store for you!


Get a history lesson about Downtown St Augustine and how it has evolved throughout the years. The historic district makes the perfect setting for scenic cruises or ghost tours. A guided tour provides you with historical details that you don’t want to miss while visiting Florida. By the time you leave the city, you’ll have grown your knowledge about it immensely. Now, who’s the expert on St Augustine’s past?


Discover the best of St Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida is located on the northeast coast of Florida. It is the oldest city in Florida and is a popular tourist destination due to its historical significance. The city has been described as "a unique blend of Spanish, English, African and American cultures". The city's historic district is made up of narrow streets lined with beautiful oceanfront homes. In addition to its rich history, St. Augustine offers visitors a wide variety of activities and attractions.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

38 Cathedral Place, St Augustine, Florida

The average size of groups is 10 participants.

Yes, there are plenty of restrooms within walking distance.

Yes, please call us to understand your specific needs. We can provide guided tours for larger groups and provide a menu of activities for your party based on your particular interests.

Please check the weather forecast for the day of your tour and dress accordingly. Carts have open cabins (that is the fun part!). Light rain is ok but thunderstorms will force us to cancel or reschedule the tour. Boat tours will operate in rain but it is up to the boat captain to cancel the tour if conditions are not appropriate to be in the water.

There are metered parking spaces and private parking lots around the Plaza de la Constitucion.

Well behaved dogs are welcomed as long as they can seat on the owner's lap and remain on a leash.

Our tours are not wheelchair accessible.

There is a limited amount of walking during our golf cart tours. The boat and golf cart tours require walking from the Marina building down the dock to the boat.

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