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It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit. I know, I know that it’s not even Halloween but if you are considering coming to St Augustine to enjoy one of the best Christmas light displays in the US you need to plan ahead. As you can expect, one of the 10 best places in the world READ MORE

By Luis Salva

Like in any good story lets start from the beginning. 

My family and I moved to St Augustine about three years ago looking for  better opportunities and overall better schools for our children, then 10 and 13.  St Augustine immediately captivated us. So similar to our native Puerto Rico with its cobblestone streets and a rich Spanish influence throughout. We  are very glad we made the decision to call St Augustine our home. People are great and there are so many things to do as you discover this amazing city!

With this blog we want to share the things we have learned along the path in order to make your visit to St Augustine a memorable one. Who knows maybe you will decide to stay… 

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