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Real Ghost Stories

Like many other places, St Augustine has a reputation as the place to have a ghost encounter. This city witnessed many abuses, from the conquistadors to the civil rights movement and the hangings at the city jail. This added to the many burial grounds still visible in the city: Huguenots and Tolomato cemeteries, the merciless pirate attacks and battles at the Castillo  de San Marcos created the perfect atmosphere for the occult and countless ghost stories. However, I want to share some of our personal experiences with our guests.

First of all, we had a couple from who shared their experience while vacationing in New Orleans. They complained to the hotel staff about the noises coming form the room above theirs at night. They described it as if someone (or something) was moving the furniture around one floor up from theirs in the middle of the night. The noise woke them up. To their surprise,  there was no room above theirs and the hotel staff casually mentioned that it happened from time to time.

Likewise we had another couple who recounted a very similar experience at their hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Several haunted places in St Augustine: The St Augustine Light house; The Castillo de San Marcos (specifically the powder room); Flagler College; Casablanca Inn,

So is this a publicity stunt orchestrated by these hotels or a real ghost encounter You be the judge. Me, I am paying more attention from now on when I see these guided ghost tours in St Augustine or when I am walking down the streets of the Oldest City at night.



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