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St Augustine Guests Experiences

Tour group onboard boat St Augustine, Florida

One thing we are learning to love is the interaction with our guests. Everyone has something to say not only about the things we show them during our tours but about their travels elsewhere.

When you think of it, Anes and I may have more experience when it comes to the oldest city but the conversations go both ways. Since we started doing these tours a few months ago, our bucket list has grown to include places like Guanajuato, Mexico, Barcelona, Spain and New Orleans, Louisiana. Our guests are just as eagered to tell us about these places as we are about showing them this amazing city.

As a result we are going to Mexico during spring break 2020 and are already looking at visiting Spain next year.

To all our guests who have shared their stories with us, Thank You! There is nothing like a peer review to get you all excited about understanding the reasons to visit these places. These opinions are unbiased and clear of any other intention than to entice us to have a similar experience in these places as they did.

I will tell you about their ghosts encounters on another blog.

Happy Trails!


Summer 2020 update:

Well me made it to Guanajuato.  This place is incredible! people are great, the food is fantastic and the culture is so rich and different. We are already planning a return to Guanajuato.

Guanajuato, Mexico



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From $39

Combine a narrated boat tour and guided historic walking tour down the streets of Saint Augustine, Fl.  Discover 400 years of rich history in the United States oldest city.  You will visit some of the most important landmarks during the walking tour in the historic district.

(Tambien disponible en Español)