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St Augustine with children

a dolphin jumping out of the water

Hi there,

St Augustine is a wonderful city full of history and amazing things to experience. Naturally many attractions will focus on what took place in more than 450 years since the city was established by the Spaniards.   Conquistadors, natives, struggles but that’s not all. St Augustine, mainly due to its strategic location and proximity to the galleons route going back to Europe loaded with gold and silver and other treasures, lured plenty of piracy. Hollywood has done its part in romanticizing the life and adventure of pirates but that is another topic. Children visiting the city will enjoy a visit to the Pirate and Treasure Museum. They will get to meet a “real” pirate with sword and all!

Other things they may enjoy is a visit to the Alligator Farm about 10 minutes from downtown St Augustine on a1a and a visit to Marineland located about 20 minutes south of St Augustine. here they can enjoy a close encounter with dolphins and many marine species. Speaking of dolphins you can also join a dolphin boat tour. There is a pod of about 100 dolphins that call Matanzas Bay their home and are always seen playing around.  Check

Finally there are many mini golf places and arcades and there is a large playground next to the municipal garage where they may be able to burn all that energy long enough to let you to take a stroll down St George street.


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