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Sustainability West vs East


Today we had a group of college students in our Land and Sea tour among several other folks from different cities. One of them had just moved to the area from the West Coast. This person was surprised to notice that we still use plastic bags which have been banned in her previous city for almost a decade.

On the other hand we had this group of college students learning how to build sustainable housing incorporating solar energy; capturing water and building green spaces. The conversation on board the boat took a turn and we all shared our experiences in this area: I am a vegan and love organic and locally grown food so I mentioned the St Augustine farmers market as well as the Riverside market in Jacksonville. Another person is into growing her own food. We then talked about sustainable building materials (check “aircrete” btw) while we were having this interesting discussion, a couple of playful dolphins popped  up by the side of the boat.

In general most people are genuinely concerned about the limited amount of resources that we have left. Given the right opportunity, most folks would be willing to change their ways in order to help the environment, be it changing the way we build houses; what we eat or how it is grown or simply deciding to pass on a supermarket plastic bag when we buy just one item we can easily carry on our hands. All it takes is to stop and think!

I thought I would share this story with you all. As you can see Forrest Gump was right life is indeed like a box of chocolates… We never who we will meet during these tours.

Hasta luego,


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