What about ghosts in St Augustine?

Ghost Tours St Augustine



Up until now I have always been scheptical about the whole ocult theme but, lately, I have been forced to reconsider the existence of ghosts based on the photo above. Here’s what happened:


We began doing ghosts tours a few months back and we recently hired an excellent ghost tour guide and until she became used to driving our electric buses, I proposed to drive for her. So I began to experience these ghost tours a few weeks ago first hand. As part of these tour we visit several “haunted” sites around town and give our guests a chance to exit the cart and film on their phones. Last thursday, a lady did that and capture some interesting video on her phone. The video showed flashes of light that we could not explain. There were no cars around and no light poles at this particular park. So we finished the tour and I did not think twice about the night. However, the following morning the same guest came to the plaza to show me this picture. She had been able to produce still pictures of the video feed and the pictures showed this shape. Surprisingly, you can see an aura around the light. This picture I took of her screen (you can see my reflection).


Although this is not evidence to prove that ghosts are real its enough for me to approach the whole thing with an open mind and examine what else our guests can generate.





1 hour 30 minutes
Group Size
Up to 10

Ghosts and Spirits of St Augustine Pub Crawl

Come explore the dark side of the oldest city by visiting three haunted pubs with lots of ghostly material in between each stop while you taste some fine locally brewed beers. Your first beer is on us as part of a two hour sweep thru the Colonial City.

Spirits and spirits! This tour provides a ghostly experience with very limited walking for small groups accompanied by a designated driver and haunted historian all in one!

We will visit three local pubs some of which have ghosts among their patrons. You will hear about their ghosts stories as you view the most important landmarks of St Augustine at dusk. The comfortable cart provides the perfect way to move about the city as we look for ghost and more spirits!

1 hour
Group Size
4 to 10

Riding with the Ghosts St Augustine

Why walk when you can drive through the most haunted spots in town. In addition to its amazing history, St Augustine is known as one of the most haunted cities in the US. You will drive by some of these haunted sites: cemeteries, old churches and hotels that provide the perfect ambient to hear spooky ghost stories. Come join us if you dare…

We are now providing transportation from local area hotels. Call us to inquire.